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Anxiety & Depression

Hold yourself with love and warm regard as a flawed person."I am a good person with a bad behaviour and make amends, make efforts to repair and change." In a spirit of being a good person - in the face of our imperfections is not easy, especially if we have never experienced that as a child."

―Terrence Real, Psychotherapist Founder of RLT

The Mind Heals: Empowered by Cognitive Science

According to recent research in cognitive behavioral science, when clients are able to access these previously hidden details of trauma within the safe and loving therapeutic settings through guided interventions, neuroplasticity occurs as implicit memories and emotions are brought into explicit awareness. These therapeutic sessions thus foster the formation of new neural pathways associated with resilience and personal growth.

Discover firsthand the transformative power of neuroplasticity in anxiety and depression treatment, offering hope to those navigating mental health challenges. Gizella Nagy, RTC integrates trauma-informed care and tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP). She provides a warm and supportive environment to guide her clients towards resilience and personal growth on their healing journey.

In therapy sessions, she attentively listens to her clients and, when appropriate, holds them in warm regard through the exploration of deep-seated sensations and somatic experiences. Clients often find themselves able to reveal previously unspoken details of trauma, allowing for a deeper understanding and processing of their experiences.

Experience the transformative power of neuroplasticity in anxiety and depression treatment with Gizella Nagy, RTC. Through trauma-informed care and therapies like CBT and AEDP, she guides clients towards resilience and personal growth in a warm and supportive environment.

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