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Relational Couples Counselling

To love is not about merging. It is a noble calling for the individual to ripen, to differentiate, to become a world in oneself in response to another. It is a great, immodest call that singles out a person and summons them beyond all boundaries. Only in this sense may we use the love that has been given us. This is humanity’s task, for which we are still barely ready.


This more human love (endlessly considerate and light and good and clear, consummated by holding close and letting go) will resemble that love that we so arduously prepare — the love that consists of two solitudes that protect, border, and greet each other.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

When It's Time to Rock the Boat, Learn to Make Gentle Waves

You're likely here because the once vibrant symphony of love and tranquility now seems distant, lost amidst the turmoil of misunderstandings and conflicts. Are you seeking expert guidance to overcome relationship hurdles?


Gizella Nagy, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, offers a compassionate and supportive approach to helping couples navigate their relationship challenges. By drawing on her extensive life experience and utilizing effective relational tools, she assists her clients in identifying and addressing the root causes of their struggles. Through therapy sessions, Gizella creates a safe and nurturing environment where clients can explore their emotions and vulnerabilities, working towards healing and restoring intimacy in their relationship. Her focus on understanding and transforming negative patterns into opportunities for growth can offer hope and new experiences for couples seeking to rebuild their connection.

What Can You Expect from Relational Couples Counselling?

Relational couples therapy emphasizes the importance of understanding relational dynamics and personal growth within relationships. In a safe and empathetic therapeutic environment, couples are invited to share openly about their points of view and reflect on their own experiences with each other. Based on the information provided, we aim to locate patterns of dysfunctional communication and strategies that prevent adequate repair and a return to harmony.


Clients are guided through reflections of their family systems and may be invited to process inner child work in the empathetic presence of the therapist and their partner. Additionally, you'll learn and practice vital relational skills in between sessions. Relational couples therapy fosters self-accountability, respectful and empathetic communication, self-awareness, and emotional regulation based on cutting-edge neurobiology.

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Unleash the Power of Relational Couples Therapy:


Elevate Your Relationship Today! Delve into our innovative approach, designed to revolutionize relational dynamics, communication patterns, and emotional interactions. Discover practical solutions for common challenges like communication barriers, conflicts, and emotional distancing.

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