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Transpersonal Psychology 

“The removing of the 'tangles' is a process of liberation from our complexes and illusions and from the way in which we identify with the roles we play in life, with the masks within us and with our idols, etc. It is a 'release' according to the etymology of the word, a liberation and awakening of hidden potential.”
― Roberto Assagioli 

Welcome to the journey beyond Self

Transpersonal Psychology explores the idea that all things in life are interconnected and viewing ourselves as an essential part of the universe has a deep healing potential. Transpersonal Psychology incorporates spiritual disciplines from various cultures and school of thoughts. It is a holistic approach that takes into account your spiritual needs, intuition and free will. In our therapy sessions we embark on a self-inquiry to discover your own uniqueness, personal values, and true purpose. Whether you are seeking self-awareness, trying to overcome addiction, the loss of a loved one or going through a personal crisis, Transpersonal Psychology can help you gain clarity so you can ground yourself and find your inherent healing resources. We make use of meditation and guided visualization techniques to help you address core issues and re-balance your life.

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With a little help, everyone can heal from repeated challengig emotional themes in their lives. I would love to be there for you. 

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