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Relationship Counselling

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I will meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn’t make any sense.


Empower Your Love Story: Proactive Relationship Counselling with Gizella Nagy
Limited Time Offer

I'm thrilled to offer a unique opportunity to enrich the magic of your relationship as you navigate the intricate dance of intimacy with curiosity and an open heart. Are you ready to strengthen your bond and explore deeper intimacy with your partner? Let's learn how to prevent conflicts and address misunderstandings proactively, moment to moment with new insights. Allow me to accompany you and your partner on this enlightening relational journey.

Hi, My name is Gizella Nagy, and I'm here to infuse magic into your lives.

I hold a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology and am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor. With over a decade of therapeutic self-development under our belt, my husband and I have mastered the art of navigating the phases of harmony, disharmony, and repair without succumbing to endless cycles of emotional roller coasters. We achieve this through relational-esteem, enabling us to cherish each other while confidently expressing our needs and desires in our relationship. Having experienced our fair share of ups and downs, we recognise the value of what I'm offering you now. Allow me to introduce you to the revolutionary tools for cultivating a fulfilling and harmonious partnership together.

Continuing my journey of professional growth, I've been inspired by the pioneering work of Terry Real in couples therapy. Currently, I'm advancing my skills through certification in Relational Life Couples Therapy. This means I'm equipped with fresh insights and innovative approaches to support couples like you in navigating challenges and fostering enduring relationships. As part of this process, I offer two options for couples to engage with me:

Proactive Relationship Counselling

🌟 If you're yearning to foster more harmonious relationships, this is your moment. Whether you're part of a couple, friends, or family, you're invited to take action today. Join us in proactively acquiring the essential tools to overcome challenges and strengthen your bonds with loved ones.

Don't let this opportunity slip away! 🌱 Our limited-time offer: Proactive Relationship Counselling, is now available for 60 and 90-minute sessions at a 20% reduced rate. Reach out and start your journey towards more fulfilling relationships today! 🌿💑

Proactive Relationship Counselling for Group


🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 Enrolment is now open for our Proactive Relationship Group Counselling! 🌱 Strengthen your bond with your partner at a fraction of the cost of individual sessions. Join us for transformative group therapy priced at just $60/hour per couple. Interested? Reach out for more details!

Transform your relationship and embark on a journey of growth and healing together! Schedule a complimentary consultation today. Let's meet up online and take the first step towards building resilience for you and your partner, to gracefully navigate through the different phases of relationships. 

At Start Again Counselling, Gizella integrates a diverse range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychology (AEDP), Relationship and Family Systems Theories, Somatic Interventions, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and trained in providing group therapy. Giizella's holistic approach addresses the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, offering innovative tools tailored to your unique needs. Through mindfulness practices, relational techniques, and experiential processes, she works with clients to transform the way they relate to themselves and others, unlocking new pathways to growth and fulfilment.

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