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Self Help Guide

Learn about therapeutic self help tools 

The Power of Clearing

By Sandy Levey Lunden

The Power of Forgiveness

Practicing the POC process teaches us that we feel upset because something happened that triggered unresolved feelings from the past. Improve your interpersonal relationships by learning how to live without being overtaken by the fear of facing the sadness, anger, resentment and judgements that lurks in the body and the psyche.  The POC process tends to go very deep and each session may take up to 3 hours to complete.

THe work

By Byron Katie

The Gift of Inquiry

The Work unravels the story that what you think is true, and gives you a chance to look at the same situation from a different point of view. It helps one become aware of the root cause of one's suffering. We are working on one belief at a time, and objectively assessing what we feel and believe. Am I true to myself? Am I living an authentic life? The Work helps us to get in touch with our true nature. Katie has many demos of The Work posted on YouTube. She offers her forms and tools free of charge on her website. The Work App is a fantastic tool and it costs only a few dollars.

choose again

By Diederik Wolsak 

Six Steps to Freedom

The Six Steps Process is a gentle and effective clearing tool to release negative feelings which get triggered by current events. This process avoids detailing the recent trigger and rather focuses on the feeling in a past memory in order to find a core belief. Forgiveness is about letting go of old beliefs that don't serve you anymore and restores one's Inherent Worth. Easy to learn. Use it alone or in groups.


By  S N Goenka

Silent Meditation Retreat

Vipassana is widely offered by dedicated meditation retreats, built and maintained from public donations across the world. Learning this Mindfulness meditation technique starts with a 10 days commitment to being present.  Through work and practice, we become available to the full reality of our lives, with the insight and courage to quietly slip
through the cracks of our conditioning and allow our ego-cramped consciousness to release its grip on our battered psyche. Quite simply, mindfulness bring us back into harmony with our lives.

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