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That the ego holds
over your life

The True Man's Power Workshop

Release the power that the ego holds over your life...

True Man's Power is a multi-dimensional breakthrough experience, where we open ourselves to our true power as men. In this small intimate retreat of ten men, you will find safety and support to examine your greatest challenges, redefine your  goals and needs, remove obstacles, and motivate yourself to go for a life of authentic joy, genuine relationships, and newfound purpose.

This is an individualized indoor and outdoor therapy process based on each man's own life experiences. It will confront and release the fear, separation, guilt, and abandonment that surround masculinity and male roles.

“This course has changed my life forever and I now have integral parts to my puzzle, in finding the appropriate solution. Understanding your destructive behaviour is the first step to taking action to correct it. In addition, I would recommend the course to all men, wanting to make positive change in their life."

-Brian N. March 2007

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